We build solutions

We Build Software That Harnesses the Power of Your Data. Deploying safely, securely, and reliably. Taking your data everywhere you go..

Aeon Development Group specializes in onshore development of custom web, mobile, cloud, digital, hybrid desktop/cloud platforms, and desktop software. We provide consulting services to clients in a wide variety of industries.

We can help your business Level UP ^^

We are business process consultants, reviewing the needs of your business workflow and creating software developed just for you from this needs based analysis.


Platform Development

We develop full-scale platforms for a variety of industries..

We work with a variety of technologies to create integrative applications. We can also start with one of our platforms and customize it.

  • LMX

    Logistics Management Exchange, or LMX, is a complete dispatch, manifest, invoice, delivery, quote, rating, appointment, trailer tracking and A/R System. Built by experts in the Logistics Industry.

  • Flow Aeon
    Flow Aeon

    Flow Aeon is a business productivity platform for a range of industries. A complete inventory, customer, order, quote, shipment, A/R System. Built by experts in FileMaker.

  • ConnexAeon

    Our web integration platform that connects E-Commerce Systems to your Existing POS (or one we build for you).

  • Aeon Sapphire
    Aeon Sapphire

    Simple Accounting Per Human Interface Requirements. We can integrate Sapphire with both LMX and Flow Aeon, as well as 3rd Party Applications.

  • Hub Aeon
    Hub Aeon

    Hub Aeon is a web based productivity application that can be paired with Aeon Flow and Connexaeon. Your data is everywhere with the Aeon Hub.

Agile, Driven Development.

Your software should evolve – we constantly monitor and update our technology to interact with bleeding edge apps, integrating many core technologies to work together in the modern development arena..

We work with many other technologies as well. Including Zend, Angular, Reactive, Ruby, Python, Javascript, HTML5, EDI, Bootstrap, JSon, XML, WordPress, mySQL, PHP, Maria DB, JSNode, jQuery, SQL, and others. We can blend any number of technologies to meet your needs.

  • App Code
  • CLion
  • Data Grip
  • GoLand
  • PhpStorm
  • PyCharm
  • RubyMine
  • Webstorm
  • Alpine JS
  • Livewire
  • FileMaker Pro
  • 2X | Parallels
  • Linode
  • Laravel
  • Cloud Linux
  • cPanel and WHM
  • Web Min
  • Virtual Min
  • Microsoft Teams
  • PHP MyAdmin
  • vmware ESXi
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • Zend Studio
  • Javascript
  • Composer
  • XML
  • Python
  • Node JS
  • Maria
  • JSON
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • Tumult Hype
  • Bootstrap Studio
  • Blocs App
  • Wordpress
  • Ruby
  • React
  • Angular

Fresh Development

Aeon provides modern solutions..

The days of singular websites representing the full extent of communications are long past us. What is the technological footprint of your business? Is there a plan to manage communication and operations between internal staff and logistics partners? We will work one-on-one with key staff members to create a solution for your specific needs. That could involve developing something fresh, or blending and integrating your existing technologies with modern tech options.

  • We watch.
    We watch.

    Observation of workflow is essential.

  • We listen.
    We listen.

    To understand.

  • We connect concepts
    We connect concepts

    crucial points are collected

  • We build efficient systems.
    We build efficient systems.

    that are agile and can grow.


Each mission we accept requires both solutions and services.