CASE STUDY: Halls Job Board

Halls Job Board

The Halls Job board displays information about the performance of workers in the warehouse.
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This mission was accomplished through some of these services:

Branding through Digital strategies are key components in marketing efforts. Websites and Print Marketing materials often have an overlap. We provide Logo re-structuring, photo-digital illustrations, and video production and planning.

Content over Design

Needs-based analysis is a method to align the goals of an organization with the work required to achieve those goals. This approach begins from a high level and works down through the details. High level analysis often involves understanding an organization's mission statement and company objectives. A quality needs-based analysis leads to a well-designed system that assists the the end users perform their work well. An analyst from Aeon will look into the various tasks that need to be accomplished and determine ways to help your teams reach their goals.

The moment that data becomes information is golden. Data is information when presented in a comprehensive way. There are many ways to approach information design. We keep agile in our approach.

Some of you have been in business for a while, while others are just starting. We can help you wherever you are on the journey. A thorough analysis will show where we can create, or improve, your information architecture (IA). Applied focus on organizing, structuring, and labeling content effectively and sustainably has been shown to improve understanding for customers and employees alike.

Structural design of information in FileMaker

Structural design of information in mySQL

Animations in Hype

Data visualizations are exciting and fun. JavaScript applications in hype can be integrated with MySQL data sources, meaning frameworks like Laravel can be the data source for beautiful data visualizations.

Project Summary

The Halls Job board displays information about the performance of workers in the warehouse, streaming continuously. Its purpose is to provide encouragement for workers and management alike.


We wrote a small, lightweight javascript application that reads data from a JSON file, which is fed by a small, lightweight application we wrote in FileMaker Pro. The computer needed to be small, and practically hidden. The screen it is driving is the focus. We chose a Raspberry Pi for this, they are perfect for the job. This is a simple, elegant solution for displaying repeating data in a busy environment.