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We usually go years between updates, because other things take priority.
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This mission was accomplished through some of these services:

Branding through Digital strategies are key components in marketing efforts. Websites and Print Marketing materials often have an overlap. We provide Logo re-structuring, photo-digital illustrations, and video production and planning.

Content over Design

An analyst from Aeon will help you determine metrics through which we can analyze and learn from competitor strategies.

The moment that data becomes information is golden. Data is information when presented in a comprehensive way. There are many ways to approach information design. We keep agile in our approach.

To us, design is valuable. More importantly, content is a driving factor in all projects. To us, this means a systematic approach to understanding needs, determining the appropriate content needed, placing and updating content, and paying attention to feedback for assessment and improvement. That is sometimes writing and story telling, and sometimes working on creative ways to show existing content.

Structural design of information in FileMaker

Structural design of information in mySQL

Connecting systems through integration

Back end development in PHP

Data visualizations are exciting and fun. JavaScript applications in hype can be integrated with MySQL data sources, meaning frameworks like Laravel can be the data source for beautiful data visualizations.

Responsive design is a cornerstone of our approach. Screens vary and the message must sustain and adapt across a multitude of variations.

Project Summary

Aeon Development Group does their own website. We usually go years between updates, because other things take priority.


This new iteration of the site is written from the ground up, first in blocs for mapping out design, and then in Laravel for back end work. It was visually constructed to take the existing design and simply speed it up. Additionally, since we want more flexibility, we started with a search engine from blocs and will gradually move into an elastic search. We created our database migrations via artisan on the command line, and we will never again be interested in outdated php frameworks. We tested the new strategy on ourselves and will roll out features to internal divisions and eventually clients.