CASE STUDY: Tall Girl Sydney Website

Tall Girl Sydney Website

The first two iterations of this site were built in WordPress. Over time, the template changed to a DIVI site, and with that came a slower load speed and a dependence on Cloudflare. We build this site from the ground up and reduced the load speed significantly.
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This mission was accomplished through some of these services:

Modern applications will be experiences on many different screens and devices. We accomplish this through Architecture and Scripting, UXI

Branding through Digital strategies are key components in marketing efforts. Websites and Print Marketing materials often have an overlap. We provide Logo re-structuring, photo-digital illustrations, and video production and planning.

Needs-based analysis is a method to align the goals of an organization with the work required to achieve those goals. This approach begins from a high level and works down through the details. High level analysis often involves understanding an organization's mission statement and company objectives. A quality needs-based analysis leads to a well-designed system that assists the the end users perform their work well. An analyst from Aeon will look into the various tasks that need to be accomplished and determine ways to help your teams reach their goals.

Clean, modern interface built around informative approach.

The importance of navigation design (an offshoot of information design) in applications and websites is critical, and typically transparent until they are not. Well-designed navigation systems lead to more credibility, heightened user confidence, and brand confidence.

Your customer’s connect through their mobile devices. We make this a seamless process.

Project Summary

The first Tall Girl Sydney site was Wordpress. We rebuilt the site with a custom Laravel website.


This website needs to communicate simple and clear information about Shackelford’s advocacy work and press appearances. We built both the front and back end of the site and developed a lightweight, compact power tool that makes it easy to update the site in a snap. SQL tables in our structure are so streamlined, the comparison is clear: The original weight of the table is 9.6MB, and ours is 336K. Aeon developed a tool we built in HYPE that we began implementing to reduce spam across our Laravel deployments, it works in tandem with honeypots and has reduced spam by more than 70 percent in some cases.