CASE STUDY: Marsha P. Johnson Social

Marsha P. Johnson Social

Marsha P. Johnson social is the website of a social group that seeks to provide an emotionally safe space for people in the transgender and nonbinary communities.
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This mission was accomplished through some of these services:

Clean, modern interface built around informative approach.

The importance of navigation design (an offshoot of information design) in applications and websites is critical, and typically transparent until they are not. Well-designed navigation systems lead to more credibility, heightened user confidence, and brand confidence.

Your customer’s connect through their mobile devices. We make this a seamless process.

Project Summary

This website needed to be both informative and have the potential for growth, we are adding listings as they are approved. This site was donated and we are proud to be supportive of the LGBT community.


This website was built from the ground up in wordpress, as a way to connect the social group and provide information. Aeon Development Group provided design and development of the first version of the site.