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We built a companion / divisional website
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This mission was accomplished through some of these services:

Modern applications will be experiences on many different screens and devices. We accomplish this through Architecture and Scripting, UXI

Branding through Digital strategies are key components in marketing efforts. Websites and Print Marketing materials often have an overlap. We provide Logo re-structuring, photo-digital illustrations, and video production and planning.

Content over Design

Needs-based analysis is a method to align the goals of an organization with the work required to achieve those goals. This approach begins from a high level and works down through the details. High level analysis often involves understanding an organization's mission statement and company objectives. A quality needs-based analysis leads to a well-designed system that assists the the end users perform their work well. An analyst from Aeon will look into the various tasks that need to be accomplished and determine ways to help your teams reach their goals.

An analyst from Aeon will help you determine metrics through which we can analyze and learn from competitor strategies.

The moment that data becomes information is golden. Data is information when presented in a comprehensive way. There are many ways to approach information design. We keep agile in our approach.

Clean, modern interface built around informative approach.

To us, design is valuable. More importantly, content is a driving factor in all projects. To us, this means a systematic approach to understanding needs, determining the appropriate content needed, placing and updating content, and paying attention to feedback for assessment and improvement. That is sometimes writing and story telling, and sometimes working on creative ways to show existing content.

Some of you have been in business for a while, while others are just starting. We can help you wherever you are on the journey. A thorough analysis will show where we can create, or improve, your information architecture (IA). Applied focus on organizing, structuring, and labeling content effectively and sustainably has been shown to improve understanding for customers and employees alike.

Project Summary

STC Logistics is a division of Avrio Logistics, and as such needed its flair but also to remain grounded in the design sense of Avrio’s main website. New designs were required while keeping a sense of the fuller picture of all division.


This website was built for being a connected entity to the other divisional websites while standing on its own. To accomplish this, we used elements from and devised a newly branded division. The logo was designed by another firm, it was required that we take the source of the logo and re-create it in more modern applications so we could create alternative versions with transparencies. We did research and development on current logistics and supply chain management trends.